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Series Introduction: Devil and Her Love Song by shewhosnacks
Devil & Her Love Song/Akuma to Love Song Volume 1

Devil and Her Love Song/Akuma to Love Song Volume 1

A student from one of the top prestigious school transfers into the ordinary Touzuka Public High School after being expelled, and stirs up school life from within. On her first day, she makes a bad impression and gets on the bad side of the females(who are very much like pack hounds, mind you). Trying to be friendly but failing miserably, coming off as arrogant and cold hearted, the socially inept – but uncannily perceptive of the human nature – Kawai Maria becomes the prime target for bullying and rumours.

’tis a high school drama galore!

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Series Introduction: Ludwig Kakumei by shewhosnacks
October 19, 2009, 1:58 PM
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Ludwig Kakumei

Volume 2 Chapter 5 - Rapunzel. (Scan courtesy of Aerandria)

Ludwig Kakumei follows the journey of a vain, pretty/handsome looking prince who was given an ultimatum by his father the King to find a bride or never return to the castle.  Accompanied by his much abused loyal servant Willhem, the eccentric prince meets an assortment of equally as eccentric women, including a S&M fetish witch, crafty princesses, cursed individuals, and ghosts. The manga gives a twist on fairy tales, and paints a “darker side” of the timeless tales, among them Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and Bluebeard. This is a shoujo without typical shoujo drama tail chasing!

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Series Introduction: Übel Blatt by shewhosnacks
October 15, 2009, 3:15 PM
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Ubel Blatt V1 cover page

Ubel Blatt Volume 1

Sick and tired of shounen manga where the hero goes around spewing heroic crap, bumbling around fighting with plain brute force and without strategy, then wins with a stroke of pure luck – where evil villain (or soon to be ally-in-denial) goes “! This is…! It cannot be..!!” before being blown to bits?

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Series Introduction: Nurarihyon no Mago by myrrn


By day, a friendly honor student liked by all. By night, the Master of all Youkai, Nurarihyon, and Leader of the one-hundred strong Youkai Army known as the Hyakki Yakou. That’s the basic premise of Nurarihyon no Mago, a spirited shounen manga that has been running for 78 chapters as of now.

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Series Introduction: Medaka Box by myrrn
October 12, 2009, 1:15 AM
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One of the mangas currently running in Weekly Shounen Jump (which also carries Naruto and Bleach) is Medaka Box. Relatively new with about 22 chapters so far, Medaka Box follows the story of brilliant, eccentric Student Council President named Medaka and her sidekick Zenkichi, who also happens to be the protagonist.

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Series Introduction: Nyankoi! by myrrn
October 8, 2009, 6:06 AM
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As some of you might know, one of the new animes this season is Nyankoi!: a romantic comedy about a high school student who breaks the statue of a cat deity, and is forced to grant the wishes of 100 cats, lest he be turned into a cat himself! Not to mention he’s allergic to cats.

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