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About Monochrome Vision

Monochrome Vision is a manga blog dedicated to covering both popular mangas and the more obscure ones. We will also occasionally cover anime and other-manga related topics. If you have a manga or anime you would like covered, feel free to e-mail me at! Likewise, we are also looking for contributors and writers, so please contact us if you’re interested.

Current Authors:

Myrrn: I will mainly be covering the popular Shounen mangas such as Naruto, Bleach, etc. Also, I will try to bring the rarer, but just as excellent, manga into the light. I genereally like Shounen works, though I will at least try the occasional Shoujo or Seinen.

SheWhoSnacks enjoys reading across a wide variety of genres, and will cover less popular – but no less better – mangas*. She will, however, avoid ones involving religious debates and typical shoujo dramas.  On a side note, SheWhoSnacks admits to be fully responsible of massacring manga frames for personal and reader entertainment value, and disclaims ownership of said mangas.

*manga/manwha/manhua: Japanese/Korean/Chinese.


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