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Bleach: Chapter 379: Familiar Territory by myrrn
October 22, 2009, 6:24 PM
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This chapter clarified a few things and added a few new elements. First, Yami is indeed, the strongest Espada, or so he claims. The Getsuga Tenshou from Ichigo’s hollow form barely nicked him. It also seems like Ichigo can no longer summon his mask for some reason, which adds an interesting twist to the story. However, one thing that bothers me is constant just-in-time arrivals. If there are done a few times it’s alright, but it happens pretty much every time someone’s in trouble. The Vaizards showed up just as the Shinigami were about to lose. Ichigo just showed up last chapter to save Rukia for god’s sake, at least let him have one more chapter before HE needs to be saved. Also I could’ve swore…

I've seen...

I've seen...







But that’s probably my imagination. Next week we’ll get to see how Byakuya and Zaraki work together.


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