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Nyankoi!: Chapter 13: Deja Vu. by myrrn
October 17, 2009, 4:43 AM
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The chapter begins with Junpei meeting up with the twins and talking about the curse. They suggest that he can talk with Noir (the black cat) about it, but she’s busy having a glaring contest with Tama (the spotted cat). Therefore, to get Noir to tell him more about the curse, Junpei listens to her problems. It turns out that the twins are daughters of the cabaret priest, and that originally Noir was the family pet. However, after the priest found Tama, he started to ignore Noir and favor Tama. Junpei figures out, however, that the source of Noir’s irritation is not that Tama is favored, but that Tama likes “Nyan-Neesan” (Nyamsus).

They come in all sizes it seems...

They come in all sizes it seems...

Junpei tells Tama to buck up and sort things out with her, so they go on a walk. However, they run into Kaede, who has a bunch of huge dogs. Tama acts brave and tries to protect Noir for all of two seconds before he starts crying, which spurs Noir to chastise the dogs, settling them down instantly. The two get into an argument about manliness, and it escalates. Meanwhile, Junpei is chatting up Kaede but is getting more and more annoyed by the cat’s argument, which causes him to explode. Of course, Kaede misunderstands AGAIN, and runs away. The twins comfort him popsicle, ending the chapter.

Which one was the nice twin again...?

Which one was the nice twin again...?


A fun chapter overall. I was wondering what they were going to pull out of the hat this time, and they didn’t let me down. It seems they ran out of archetypes for humans… so they started on cats. Seeing a tsundere cat… win. Also, Junpei freaking out on Kaede for a second time was quite entertaining. On a sidenote, childhood friend tsundere who is jealous of male character (whom she has a spikey relationship with) due to his crush on another girl… hm. Familiar much?

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