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Naruto: Chapter 468: Enka Randomness by myrrn
October 16, 2009, 2:10 AM
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The sibling's face upon hearing that Naruto isn't the strategic type.

The sibling's faces upon hearing Naruto's name.


The room is shocked after Madara announces the beginning of the Fourth Ninja War and leaves using his time/space jutsu. The Kages then focus on strategy, deciding to form an alliance with all of the 5 great ninja villages to oppose Madara and Akatsuki. They note that Danzou, with his underhanded trickery, would not last long as Hokage. Gaara proposes they they instead tell the relevant details of the alliance to Hatake Kakashi, and the rest of the Kages agree. They also decide that protecting the two remaining Bijuu, Killer Bee and Naruto, would be the best course of action, instead of making them fight with the alliance. They note that neither of the Bijuu would work well in the army format that they are proposing.



It is then revealed that the Mizukage’s bodyguard is one of the Mist Seven Swordsman, and he warns that Kisame was the strongest of all the swordsmen, and is capable of wielding as much chakra as a Bijuu. Then… a random Enka (traditional Japanese singer) is shown competing in a song-writing contest with Killer Bee. He is also riding a giant panda… I think. Then Kisame shows up, setting up the scene for a battle next chapter. Meanwhile, Naruto is shown trying to improve his Sage-mode on a hill, and Sakura’s group meets up with him. She notes that she has something to tell him.


Well, that was an interesting insight into how the different Kage’s thought out the issue. It was certainly a surprise that the mild-mannered bodyguard was a member of the Seven Swordsmen, considering that the previous ones we saw were Zabuza and Kisame. Neither of whom can ever be considered mild. It also seems that Kishimoto is possibly setting up Kakashi as the next Hokage. We’ll see whether the power of all the Ninja villages plus the Samurai are enough to compete with those of the seven demons and Akatsuki. It was, I think, slightly tacky that a few pages after the bodyguard explains how dangerous Kisame is, he shows up in front of Killer Bee ready to fight. That could’ve been handled a little better. Also, it seems we’ll see what Sakura is going to tell Naruto about the promise to bring Sasuke back, which will be entertaining. Next week the mangaka, Kishimoto, will be taking a break to “collect data” (Jiraiya anyone?), so there won’t be any Naruto.

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