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Witch Hunter: Chapter 38: Ah, the power of Greed. by myrrn
October 15, 2009, 5:04 AM
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They have such a good relationship!

They have such a good relationship!


The chapter begins with Aria completely razing Britain’s Castle Corbenic, and probably killing Sir Bedivere (One of the Knights of the Round Table) in the process. The scene then cuts to Tasha unconscious in bed for his overuse of the “Song of Moirae.” He quickly wakes up, however, when a coin is thrown near him, proving that pain is nothing before the allure of money (I love you Tasha). Meanwhile, Aria’s forces start their attack on Caerlion, the fortress right next to Camelot. The knights decide to send the Witch Hunters as fodder to weaken the enemy forces. While the WH’s respond to the threat, Tasha tries to go confront Aria to both stop her and protect her but is told off by Halloween. She plans to go in his place, and with that he relaxes. The chapter ends with Tasha heading outside and finding Lancelot waiting for him.


That was a pretty lighthearted chapter, though it was surprising how easily Aria destroyed the knight fortress. Once again, Tasha demonstrated his love for money, blackmail, and underhanded tricks (Isn’t he great?). Overall, this chapter was significant because it shows that Tasha is putting more trust in Halloween, in which the last few chapters he totally ignored her presence and went at it solo. Next week should be more action, with Halloween fighting Aria and Tasha possibly fighting Lancelot.

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Comment by SerenitySage

Hah, there don’t seem that many other pairings for him atm. Though there are some weird ones arguing for Tasha x Aria…

Comment by myrrn

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