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Bleach: Chapter 378: Re: Death and Strawberry by myrrn
October 15, 2009, 9:53 PM
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It's been awhile.

It's been awhile.


The chapter begins by showing Yami easily winning his battle against Chad and Rukia. Chad is shown lying on the ground (Poor Chad), while Rukia is getting crushed by Yami’s hand. However, just as Rukia is about to become a pancake, Ichigo shows up, wielding his bankai. Rukia notes that Ichigo’s eyes are not the eyes of a victor. He then lures Yami away from Chad and Rukia, and shows off his new hollow mask, ending the chapter.


Wow, Kubo’s full of surprises lately. This chapter actually moved the plot significantly, to my amazement, just like the last one. If this continues the series is certainly looking up. No sign of Hiyori or what’s happening with the Vaizards and Aizen this chapter, but we actually got to see Rukia and Ichigo reunited, so that more than makes up for it. Next chapter we should see how much of a power boost Ichigo’s mask gives him, and how strong the Numero Zero espada actually is. On a side note, I feel sorry for Chad. From what’s been shown in the manga, he should be stronger than Rukia, and yet he always gets destroyed, no matter how much stronger he gets. Give him a break already!


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