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Series Introduction: Medaka Box by myrrn
October 12, 2009, 1:15 AM
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One of the mangas currently running in Weekly Shounen Jump (which also carries Naruto and Bleach) is Medaka Box. Relatively new with about 22 chapters so far, Medaka Box follows the story of brilliant, eccentric Student Council President named Medaka and her sidekick Zenkichi, who also happens to be the protagonist.

As can be deduced from the magazine it runs in, Medaka Box is a shounen manga, and mainly uses comedy to move the story along. There are a few relatively serious moments, but overall it doesn’t take itself too seriously. The story follows an interesting format, in which the student council gets suggestions in the form of a suggestion box, and then try to solve them. With every suggestion, a new revelation about an existing character is uncovered, or a new member is introduced into the student council. Overall, it moves the story along at a leisurely but significant pace. So, the story is fairly interesting, the plot moves at a decent pace, and the drawing is good. What’s not to like?

Mainly, the characters. Zenkichi and the other student council members that join interesting and cool. However, no matter how badass they are, Medaka overshadows them all. When I say she is a genius, I don’t mean just in terms of intelligence. She is portrayed as a prodigy in basically everything, including looks, grades, physical activities, and personality. Many people consider her far too perfect. Nobody, after all, wants to read a manga about a perfect person: it’d be insanely boring. But I feel that Medaka is not perfect. True, her abilities surpass everyone else’s by far. But as a human being, in terms of her emotional and psychological self, she is far from perfect, and the mangaka takes pains to show this.

Medaka box doesn't take itself too seriously.

Medaka box doesn't take itself too seriously.

In recent chapters, he is even showing signs of introducing new characters whose abilities match or even surpass Medaka’s. Therefore, I urge you not to pre-judge a manga that is only just getting off the ground, and give Medaka Box a try.

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