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Bleach: Chapter 377: Oh, there he is. by myrrn
October 9, 2009, 3:47 AM
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He doesn't look too happy.

He doesn't look too happy.

Since I haven’t been able to get the spoiler tags working I’ll keep the spoilers in this post
to a minimum. There was a major event that took place this chapter that I won’t mention,
but the biggest surprise to me was that they actually showed Ichigo! You know, the
main character
. The one we haven’t seen in 24 chapters. Which gets me on one of my
main gripes about Bleach… there is:

1: Too much focus on side characters:

We started off with just the core group of Ichigo, Ishida, Rukia, Chad, and Orihime.
Now, most mangas will consider that good enough, you can have a great manga if
you focus on 5 people. Then came the Soul Society arc, which added all the Gotei
13 Captains, their lieutenants, and other random Shinigami that aren’t important
enough to have a rank but enough to have a place in the plot. Now, normally this
wouldn’t be a problem, because you can usually have as many side characters as
you want since the focus is on the main characters. Not in Bleach’s case, since every
single character gets the star treatment: we get to see everyone’s fight frame by
frame. Oh boy. Then add in the Vaizards, the Arrancar, and the Espada… and
you have some pacing problems. The Hueco Mundo arc started about 100
chapters ago, which is longer than most mangas. Not to mention we haven’t
even seen some of the significant characters in about that long. Where’s
Tatsuki? Ichigo’s dad? Urahara and Yoruichi? Seriously. This issue wouldn’t
even be a problem if:

Don't worry folks, just a flesh wound.

Don't worry folks, just a flesh wound.

2: People died:

It is almost impossible to die in Bleach, unless you were already
dead when the manga began or you’re a hollow. Then you’re pretty screwed. It should
be noted though, for a manga centered around Death Gods, there is very little of it
going on. These people fight with ridiculously powerful weapons and get cut up in
the most absurd ways ALL THE TIME. But it doesn’t even phase them! Bandages solve
everything! Seriously guys, what kind of swordsmen are you? AIM FOR THE HEAD.
Because of this issue, there’s barely any tension at all since you know the good guys
will pull through. Hopefully I’ll be proved wrong in the near future, but I’m not
counting on it.

I like Bleach, I really do. The story, the art, and the characters. Mostly the
characters. But it’s recently been downhill for about the last 70 chapters. I keep
reading in the hopes that Kubo will wise up and realize that at a certain point…
you actually have to move the story along. Thankfully, the arc is actually showing
signs of ending! That means that we might even see what’s going on in Kurokura
town in the next 50 chapters!

Keep your fingers crossed.


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Totally agree. They got off the main plot like oh I don’t know… OVER A YEAR AGO.

Comment by Karms

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