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Series Introduction: Nyankoi! by myrrn
October 8, 2009, 6:06 AM
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As some of you might know, one of the new animes this season is Nyankoi!: a romantic comedy about a high school student who breaks the statue of a cat deity, and is forced to grant the wishes of 100 cats, lest he be turned into a cat himself! Not to mention he’s allergic to cats.

I started reading this manga a few weeks ago, and was surprised at how funny and quirky it was. It’s also quite well drawn. On the surface it seems like any other romantic comedy manga.

Protagonist’s crush, check.
Childhood friend, check.
Gradually increasing harem, check.

However, read a bit further and you’ll see it’s different from most mangas of its type. For one, the indifferent, Kyon-like attitude of the protagonist is refreshing from the indecisive/perverted/loser-like personas of other romantic comedy leads. It’s also rather unique among its genre in that it doesn’t have that much fanservice. This actually makes it better, not worse, because much more effort is put into the humor and story. It shows. Every chapter either introduces an interesting new character or presents ridiculous problems that the protagonist must try to solve.

The animated version of this also just started coming out, and so far seems pretty well done. The manga version has only about 10 chapters scanlated at this point in time, but it’s getting updated regularly. Either way, through either the anime or the manga, if you’re a fan of romantic comedies or just comedy in general, don’t miss Nyankoi!

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